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Promoting environmental and social responsibility in golf

Promoting environmental and social responsibility in golf

Orchid Country Club


Orchid Country Club
1 Orchid Club Road
Singapore 769162

Names of contact for environmental and social issues:
Mr Harjinderpal Singh, Golf Manager

Phone  +65 6755 9811  
Fax  +65 6755 8874
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Course description

Orchid Country Club (OCC) has three 9-hole golf courses:
- Aranda Course: par 36, 3125m
- Vanda Course: par 36, 3043m
- Dendro Course: par 37, 3197m

Located along the picturesque waterways of the Sungei Seletar Reservoir, OCC is one of the most attractive courses in the region.

The 27-hole international championship course was designed under the guidance of the late Mr Ong Teng Cheong, who named the courses after popular orchid varieties: Aranda, Vanda and Dendro. The three courses feature manicured Zoysia fairways and Seashore Paspalum "Seaisle 2000" greens.

The Aranda Course was officially opened in 1993; since then OCC has undergone numerous upgrades and expansion projects.  

Special features/accolades

OCC Beginnings:
In August 1991, the late Mr Ong Teng Cheong, then secretary-general of NTUC (National Trade Union Congress), a family of 60 unions and six associations affiliated to it, has more than 500,000 members, suggested the idea of developing a golf and country club for Singapore’s workers.

In recognition of the workers’ contributions, he wanted them to have "a fair share of the fruits of Singapore’s economic progress". He envisioned a golf and country club which would be affordable, so that "golf will no longer be a game for executives only", as he put it.

OCC is owned by the SLF Leisure Enterprises (Pte) Ltd, a company under the Singapore Labour Foundation Group (  SLF has developed a variety of social, recreational and lifestyle facilities and benefits for union members and their families at Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East), Costa Sands Resort (Sentosa), Aranda Country Club and Orchid Country Club.

Key achievements in environment/social activities


  • As OCC is adjacent to the Sungei Seletar Reservoir, our efforts are directed towards safeguarding and preserving the water quality and wildlife within the reservoir.
  • All rainwater on the golf course is fed into the reservoir and irrigation water is drawn from the reservoir.
  • Irrigation management is a key component of our environmental initiatives, including water conservation and monitoring turfgrass needs so that a minimum amount of water is used. 
  • Precise Integrated Pest Management practices are implemented and monitored in the maintenance of the golf course.  This is to minimize the need for turf grass chemicals. 
  • All green waste is turned into mulch off-site.
  • Energy Conservation Practices

        - Fairway lighting

    • Using automated switching "Carlogavazzi Dupline" system.
    • Individual lights are grouped into tees, fairways and greens, and are programmed for timing from a central system. 
    • During periods of low usage only two nines are opened for play instead of the three nines.
    • Lights are also carefully timed to correspond with the last flight during night golfing.
    • With the automated system, OCC achieved energy savings of approximately 20%.

         - Club air conditioning and lighting

    • Our buildings have in place the "Sauter" Building Automation System to control all air conditioning, chillers and air handling units, resulting in energy savings of up to 20%. 
    • Replacement of light bulbs from halogen to compact fluorescent lights at common areas and toilets has achieved energy savings of 40%.
    • Motion detectors were introduced to all toilets to switch off the lights when there are no occupants. For this exercise, the savings achieved was 50%.
    • Plans to use hydrocarbon refrigerant for air conditioning units and variable speed drive motors for chillers.  Achievable savings of energy consumption is about 30%.

         - Water saving practices

    • Water savings devices are installed in all washbasins and shower heads.
    • Wash basins taps are fitted with auto sensors to further reduce water usage.
    • Use irrigation water instead of potable water for watering points for plants within the Club premises.
  • In November 2008, OCC outsourced its golf course maintenance to Toh Eng Hock Company, a member of the IGOLF Corporate Advisory Council.
  • OCC is making contributions across all sectors of its operation to minimise energy use and promote an eco-friendly environment.
  • Message on saving the earth and the environment has been our constant theme in the work place and on the golf course.
  • OCC continues to instill the importance of good house-keeping among our employees as well as our outsourced partners.
  • OCC promotes environmentally sustainable lifestyles among its employees by introducing cycling, jogging, and brisk-walking activities on the golf course during course maintenance days.


  • NTUC backed country club offering affordable privileges to the workers of Singapore, NTUC members and the community.
  • Employment of 197 local workers.
  • Comprehensive range of facilities/activities offered to the members and the community, including childcare centre, function facilities, recreational activities and training, golf, day spa and restaurants.
  • NTUC backed fund-raising golf tournaments for the workers union.


"At Orchid Country Club, we understand the close inter-relationship between the golf course and the environment, particularly our responsibility to protect the Sungei Seleter Reservoir, which is adjacent to our course.
Since our inception in 1993, we have instituted conservation measures throughout our operation to safeguard and preserve the water quality and wildlife within the reservoir."

Jinder Aujla
Manager, Golf
Orchid Country Club